Recommend a book?


Hi all

As some of only too aware, I'm getting back into the saddle after a long time away and I'm a little scared by how much has changed, i.e print spec, software for one fashions and the like. I was going to get a 'Dummies' book but they are so basic that even I got bored. Is there a book you guys would recommend that's up-to-date on all the latest GD bits and bobs or a magazine perhaps?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

What exactly are you looking to brush up on? Software skills or just design in general?

The industry's changing every day and a book probably isn't the best bet. Magazines are more up to date, but I find they're a bit too broad at times, and their content is often hit and miss; You either learn something, or you read something you'll probably never use. Plus, they tend to cost the same as some books nowadays (no wonder they all seem to be going digital).

The best place to get advice is probably on here and a few other forums, as well as blogs. But if you need recommendations for specifics I'm sure people could come up with a few :)
Thanks Paul, I'm having the biggest problem just being in the present decade! lol I'm used to using Quark but don't have it anymore, someone very dear to me gave me an entire system CS3 the lot and I'm finding using the Indesign pretty hard. I've only used it once and that was eons ago but I specifically find the broad choice of packages difficult. In my day (I'm 37) they used Photoshop for pretty much all the artwork or even Coraldraw and then imported it all into Quark for layout. I get confused with the importing, Illustrator into Indesign and visa versa, never seems to go very well.... what the hell are links? :icon_confused: (what?) Indesign just seems pretty complicated to be fair I hate it! lol What can I say I'm not good at change. I specialize in Illustration but trained in graphic design to put food on the table, not really a choice. I'm finding that being out of the game so long is like being Marty from Back to the Future! Scary! We used to use Font Includer (does that even exist anymore? lol) everything was post-script, oh I don't know I can't believe I used to be a fairly successful designer....what went wrong? LOL Thanks for your suggestions, if it wasn't for this forum and the hand-holding I've had from Boss I'd be getting a cleaning job! *shudder*