Rebranding my freelance company. Any thoughts 1st draft on logo please....

My freelance company is currently called Carrottop Creations but afew years down the line now and I'm not happy with the title and this I need to drop the 'top' element.

So I'm thinking simply Carrot Creations and I have come up with a an initial logo idea pleas take a look. that I would LOVE some feedback on this my my business name, as I feel like some people think its a rubbish name to. (I'm a redhead by the way which is where the name came from.)

Please give me some advise as I am wanting to start building my website ( but I'm apprehensive until I'm secure about own image. Arhh! I never have this uncertainty with clients work...

Thanks x1st Draft-01-01-01.jpg
I prefer Carrot Creations (or maybe just 'Carrot') as opposed to Carrottop, as that doesn't look or read too well.

As for the logo, I advise anyone in the creative industry to avoid using a lightbulb in anything related to their branding. Yes, clients recognise the link to 'ideas', but it's so obvious and over-used that I think we should be striving for something unique.
It's a nice play on words, but I think you should focus on the concepts you want to communicate rather than a literal take on the chosen name... (I'm not sure what a literal carrot has to do with your branding! And a lightbulb is a little too cliché)

If you are a redhead then along with a bubbly personality I could see this name bringing a wry smile to potential clients faces as you grin and pass across your business card; perhaps that's what you should aim to achieve with the design? Something that actually plays to your personality and the face you have red hair... But then in a more serious situation in might not be the right direction to go down - I've seen designers use very quirky personal branding and it's worked wonderfully by making them memorable & a little different from the other designers your clients meet.

Even the word "Carrottop Creations" where just the top 1/3 of the word "Carrottop" is coloured red could create a visually interesting play on the word?