Realistic Rendering


I'm in the middle of trying to render a can for a new drinks brand.
Whatever i do, I can't seem to find a solution to a realistic looking can.

Could anyone recommend 3d rendering software where i could do this easily?
I've heard of Strata 3d plug ins for Photoshop and Illustrator, etc.

It must be easily achievable as there's so many renders on

Help me guys!
Stress is kicking in, Got such a nice design and it would be lovely to see a mock-up

Alternatively theres the gradient mesh tool in illustrator. Its time consuming but well worth it to have the finished article in vector.
Thanks for the reply people!

I have tried the revolve tool in illustrator and found that gets the best results.
However, there are several issues when coming to map the art.
I have a full design for the can, when mapping it, the map tool has around 12 segments
and it has gaps in the colour even though i save individual symbols to fill the can template up.

What would you reccomend for that?

Cheers in advance
How the heck are you getting 12 sections? :icon_biggrin:

This is only quick to try and explain what I mean but when I made this

I ended up with only 5 sections and it was really easy to select the main body of the can and map the art.

The shape I revolved was this

I wonder if you're making your original can shape (to revolve) too complicated?
Well, I'm going for the realistic look

Then hopefull when i've got the artwork mapped out correctly
take it to photoshop for the finishing touches.
Here's a quick picture to demonstrate how I did it.


I get what you're trying to do I just couldn't understand how you were getting 12 faces for mapping. I did a quick mock up using a similar shape to your startng face, and I made a quick symbol to fill the front portion. as long as you are picking the right panel and scale to fit, you shouldn't get an issue with the colours.


But, yeh, I would say dropping the artwork into Photoshop for finishing detail is the way to go :icon_smile:
Yes Tony,

Purely illustrator, it's a very simple process.
Just draw an open path like i have done, and take it to the 3d revolve tool!

The Right Tools for The Job At Hand

To be honest I don't feel they look actually 'realistic' in the true sense of them looking like real cans.

If you really want that realistic look from The Dieline (LOVE that blog!), I think you probably need to invest in what is probably rather expensive high end 3D software.

I know nothing about 3D software to make any recommendations, but I know that your images don't look realistic as I've seen, some images look like photos ... and Illustrator probably isn't capable of offering the same as software that is specifically geared towards creating realistic photo quality 3D imagery. There must be 3D software offering this that is vector.