Raster Issue


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Hello all

I wonder if someone can help. I have an issue with a text effect. To get the look my client wanted I first did all my gradients in illustrator and then imported into photoshop to apply bevels etc. Now I need to send it for printing but can see it looks a bit pixilated on the edges and not crisp even though originally it did start out vector. I think the photoshop effects made it raster.

Does anyone know what I can do to make this vector (please see attached).

Thanks in advance.
Screen shot 2012-06-13 at 09.16.01.png
I'm no expert, but you can't make it vector again once it's in Photoshop.

I think you've either got to import it at a higher res into Photoshop, or do it all in Ai.
I'm sure there is, but you would have to ask someone more advanced in Ai than me!

Try looking for a tutorial or two.
It depends on the resolution you've brought it in at. Up the resolution of your file as you import it and this should help.
If you create it as a vector then copy and paste it into a photoshop file, it stays as a vector (or 'smart layer') if you right click on the layer it will have an option to 'edit content' which will open the vector up in illy again. make sure you hit save in illustrator to update the photoshop file though.
Thank you - I've used spotty penguins tutorial - its a different method, a little more time consuming (but as an illustrator I really enjoyed it).

Thanks all!