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Dear graphicdesignforums,

My names Luke and I am looking for some advice regarding the structure, design and production of Sporting programs, I would like to point out that I am a confident user of CS5 and all Microsoft packages.



I wanted to know if there were any .PSD files that contain an industry standard structure for a program as illustrated in the above pictures as I would hope to be designing my own and would like to know that I was going along the right path.

My other point to raise would be with the production in regards the actual printing off them, I am looking to create something based on the pictures illustrated above and notice that the front/back pages have a glossy feel to them whilst the inside pages are a normal paper feel.

Would anyone have a good British printers that are known for their good price range and also anyone willing to guide me on the options to pick that will save me money on the final product i.e; I have no idea what GSM is, what binding I should be using, a sealer, the format etc.
Hi Frankel,

I'd be delighted to quote for this. Feel free to email me. I'm also a dedicated point 2 pointer!

Best wishes