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Hi All,

I have to price up a job that is design and layout for either x1 A4 brochure 12pp or x1 A5 brochure 24pp. I need to quote on both and I am slightly worried I am under cutting myself - any advice would be great! Thank you!
How much do you want to quote and, if challenged, would you be able to justify it? Once you resolve that one, I'd say you have your price.
That's a bit like sticking your finger in the air and guessing!

Ideally you should estimate how long you will take per page... say an hour, or half an hour - so multipy that by number of pages and then your rate per hour, and then if you are doing the design/conceptualisation add a figure for that.

You also should have an idea of how much you want/need to earn per hour....which can be scientifically worked out....

I sometimes just work on a price per page - say £20 or £30.... if client is supplying words and pictures and go from there.
I agree with Kate. Be realistic. You know your hourly rate - question the client, gather as much information on the projection (no last minute surprises) and quote. Don't forget any dibursements (e.g. photos).

Don't undercut yourself :icon_lol:
Okay: it's possible I may have misundertood the original enquiry (in terms of general/specific to the job) and my 'formula' is perhaps a bit simplistic but I think the notion of starting from what you realistically (good word) think you're worth and then justifying it by working backwards through what you know, what you offer and what you need to earn still stands; someone will always undercut you and if you want to compete on that basis then fine (I've played it and won but it's always felt more like a loss in the long run).

Good luck with the pitch.