Quoting for 60pp Annual Report


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Hi all, going freelance having been an Inhouse designer my whole career, like many others I'm struggling with quoting my first jobs.

Whilst I know there are many different variables and considerations for quoting, it would be super helpful if any of you are able to kindly let me know ball park figures for how much you've charged for Annual Reports (roughly 60pp)?

Much thanks in advance!


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A lot is going to depend where you are. New York is likely to have a very different charging scale to, say Sheffield in the UK. It also depends on the client, their budget, their market, what they are expecting from you. There is no hard and fast easy answer. If it is for a small non-profit charity, or a blue chip company, that is going to make a difference. It shouldn’t, but it does. When I do work for non-profits, there is now way I ca,n would, or should charge my full commercial rate.

i think you need to work out your expenses, overheads, profit margin etc, to find your minimum hourly rate and go from there. Work out how many hours it will take you. Is all content supplied or do you need to commission photographers, etc? Are you getting it printed, or supplying print-ready files to their printers etc, etc.

i am not trying to sound vague, but as you can see, there are so many variables that a flat, £X per page rate is a fairly difficult call to make.


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Cover design is set at 375.

I tend to go at 15 minutes a page.
So it be approx 15 hours, easy one to work out.
Then multiply that by hourly rate.

Then 50 quid per graph/table and or infographics.

2 design options
5 editor proofs (not redesign)

Additional proofs charged at hourly rates.

Of course depends on who the client is. Would not charge a charity that, for example, but might charge more for a State body.