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Could you please quote for the following, I am starting an Events Company and this would be a service that i would offer my clients.

Example 1. Hotel reception room booked for say a 1940's event, the walls of the room need to have a special theme, lets say the room is 30ft x 30ft with wall height at 10ft, could you please advise what material you would need to use to place on the wall that could be removed with ease the same day.

Example 2. The same theme and the same size but the space to be covered is the inside of a Marquee, again could you please advise what type of material you would need to use.

In both examples could you also advise how long would this take to complete, and if this was an urgent job but my client would be willing to pay extra what extra cost is involved.

The more quotes the better, from students and any professional.and from anywhere in the UK.

Thank you for your assistance.

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This is completely hypothetical.

Contact real sources and others to get a real price!

Material - supplied by company

What is the "inside marquee"?

Very vague?
Apologies, the theme could be a 1940's 1960's material to be supplied by you.

The inside of the marquee the same theme but would need to be on some type of cloth.

A guide price would be useful for me to work out an approximate cost for clients
So you want a price for removable wall coverings?

Example 1: Have you actually asked any hotels if they'd let you glue/screw things to their walls?