Quick logo poll - Please review


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Hi all,

Complete logo newby here! Please choose a preferred logo from the 3 in this preview?

There's no budget to spend much time on these (As can probably be seen!!) However I need some feedback to give the client.

His new business is making hand made copper art - (Copper trees and water features etc mainly consisting of copper leaves welded together into branches and so forth)

Any general thoughts would be welcome too.

Thank you for your time.

I think 3 although it is probably the most "modern looking" of the three which may not tie in with his craft. i could like No.1 (minus the shine, tsk) and the 'opper' needs to maybe be slightly reduced in size and maybe nudged down a bit.
i agree with spottypenguin. I like the third one best as it looks slick and well thought out although it doesn't reflect the artistic element of what he does... how about if you used the writing of 3 with like.. a leaf shape for the backround instead of a rectangle? it would have to be a pretty strong, angular leaf shape like a maple leaf or something to work with the font... or a tree above it with the roots going into the 'copper creations'... it could look utterly crap but i'm just throwing an idea out there :)