Query With Colour Profiles and Set-Up Adobe InDesign and Suite


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Hello, I am new here please be gentle.

Unfortunately my training in colour management and design for print has been very lacking thus far through university study and beyond and I am trying to get to grips with it. I am currently working through Classroom in a Book series to refresh my skills with the key three Adobe programmes, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign and I have come across 'colour management' in InDesign as an introduction but without much explanation as to what each option is for and why I would use it.
I am based in the UK, is this worth setting up? I have also read that you can sync your colour profile across programmes with Bridge, is that worth doing or should I just do this when exporting a PDF to print, and that point which one do I use?
I understand about CMYK, RGB and Spot colour, but beyond that I'm a little lost and wonder if someone could help in laymans terms for me.

Picture below, what does "Emulate Adobe InDesign 2.0 CMS Off mean" and the rest? I have done the hover over for description thing but still a bit lost.

Hope this makes sense.
Many Thanks in advance.


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