Quark8 X - Sudden Failure of Font Style


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Hello there.

Im producing a small brochure that derives from a much larger catalogue. The Catalogue is built in Quark7 and im copying and pasting the content i need into the new brochure working file (that ive started from new in Quark8 Xpress). I got to a point where all the content was on the workspace and had to leave it. Saved it, came back to it after the weekend and for some reason a certain font style has caused serious issues.

There are actually a couple that are causing errors, and they both appear to use Bold font.
For some reason, wherever that font style is used, it has become hidden, the red box is there to show that the text cant fit in the box. (even though it clearly can, i resized the box to a full A4 page and it still didnt show)

When I Ctr-A to select all the text and select "no style" to reset it, all the text appears again and is fine. However ive lost ALL my styling for that box of text. I have tried duplicating the style and using that, but to no avail.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? Ive got over 50 text boxes, id rather not manually restyle every single one. Even then, if i reselect that dodgy style, the same thing happens.

Id appreciate any help, thank you.


Just noticed that when i loaded a slightly earlier version it said "This project requires minor repairs", i remember it saying that and thinking nothing of it. Could this have caused the issue?