Quark 8 pic boxes


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This has been bugging me for ages and finally am asking for help!

You know in the old versions of quark when you had a pic box and called in an image and did auto fit you would sometimes need to just make the box a little wider or a little taller and click on the box and just drag it as needed.

Now in quark 8 when I just want to slightly adjust the box 9 times out of 10 its disproing the pic and not extending the frame of the box! I know I am missing something, what am I doing wrong, I just want to click on the frame and adjust it, not the pic inside!

You need to make sure you're grabbing with the Item Tool rather than the Picture Content Tool.
Thanks thats worked, is there anyway to quickly move up and down through the quark tolls without having to use the mouse, any keyboard shortcuts?
You can find the answer to that one here, or if waiting for someone to read the forum and post a response is taking too long, try here (wink!).