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I'm probably more fluent in xhtml and css than in English. I would like to emphasise that I provide quality code, the xhtml, css and jquery stuff will validate, the page(s) will be tested in a long range of browsers and on a long range of resolutions, and it will be coded with the best practices and the optimal loading times in mind. Progressive enhancement solutions also available.

Template-related things that I can help you with:
  • convert your existing design into a static, 1 page template
  • convert your existing design into a web site (various pages)
  • convert your existing design into a wordpress template (can use it for a blog, or as a CMS)
  • I can create the design and make it into a template (if you are a developer, in need of a good UI)

Are you after a specific doc-type? These are the ones, that I can provide for you:
  • xhtml 1.0 strict
  • xhtml 1.0 transitional
  • xhtml 1.1
  • html 4.01 transitional
  • html 4.01 strict
  • html 5 (even though it's not 100% ready, some web sites already use it, if this is your preference, I will not stand in the way.)
As a treat to (hopefully) my new found GDF friends, we'll start at £50, this will include a conversion from a .psd file to an .xhtml (with css in a separate file).
Anything else, I would really need to talk to you, to understand the template and to understand the requirements.

Some examples:
This is me: infusia
Wordpress used as a cms on a basic web site.
Wordpress used for a blog system.
An extremely basic web site, enhanced by jQuery (click the links).

What do I code in?
TextMate, when I'm on a mac and e-texteditor when I'm on a PC. Everything you get will be hand-crafted by me and will be unique to your web site. (With the exception of the sites that are based on CSS grids, such as 960 Grid System )

How long does it take?
Really depends on the template, can be anything from 15-20 minutes to a couple of days. I work fast enough to surprise you and slow enough to ensure that the code is flawless.

How to contact me?
Call me on 07737273444
Email me at: k (you know what goes here) infusia.co.uk
Or pm me right here :)
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