QR code software





ah okay i see, well I'm afraid i don't know too much, it just showed up after a quick google search. there doesnt seem to be much dedicated software that i could find, but post if you do!

Paul Murray

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What sort of information are you wanting to include? There are online tools that allow you to create QR codes that do a variety of things such as sending a user to a link or displaying text. You can create these at a large size and Live Trace them in Illustrator to get a vector. I've done it before and the code worked perfectly.

Personally though, I don't know many people who actually bother to scan QR codes. They're becoming (or have become) a bit of a joke in advertising and design, and are seen as cheesy and unnecessary by many people. I'd consider wether or not you really want to use them since there's a large chance they'll be a waste of space in most situations.


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I've used the online tool and printed from the files I made without any problem. Unless you are enlarging they should be fine. Google and play!