Putting a particular recond on a particular page - InDesign, Data Merge


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I've got a spreadsheet (well, csv output) with a few hundred records in. The data order is constant but values other than the key are updated. The order with which each record is used within the document fluctuates.

Is there a way to fix say 'Record #5' to 'Page 12'? Thus if a new page is added in before page 12 that particular record is till shown on page 13.

Or to put it another way, can a particular field from a particular record (row) be shown by a placeholder?


I don't think this is possible.
What you might be best to do is update things the way you want them in your csv file and update the merge. InDesign can usually do this very quickly.
InDesign is fairly inflexible with page numbering and ordering so as mentioned, you'd be best doing the changes in the csv file.