PSD file?

I have just designed a postcard for a client using Illustrator (all text and graphics, no images) and sent them the commerical print PDF file which is usually standard.
However their printer is asking for a PSD file?!
They said that Photoshop is the better option for creating this - however I thought that Photoshop is more for image editing and certain graphic effects ie photos/web graphics as opposed to layout.

If I am image editing I use Photoshop, for business card design I would do the layout in Illustrator and for larger print documents ie booklets I would use Indesign for the layout - am I missing something here?:icon_eek:

I also don't get it hence asking who the printer was, a vector PDF created in Illustrator is going to give better results than a rasterised image created in Photoshop so I just don't understand their logic.

Unfortunately I cannot advise on the way in which they work so i'd just contact them and ask, be good to know why so let us know if you find out.

Failing that we can print from your PDF and our prices are pretty good, take a peek > Postcards :icon_wink:


Hi Damon

Thanks for the reply.

Yes I could not understand why they would want a PSD file for print by choice!
They seemed to indicate that Photoshop was the new illustrator - I know the Adobe products are meant to be complimentary to each other but Photoshop is still mainly an image editor - thought I should just check on here in case :icon_biggrin:

I will send the link onto your postcard printing page to client so hopefully they may order via you!


I was just doing the artwork and sending across - the client wanted to arrange the print themselves! :icon_confused:

yes they look cheap don't they!

Cheap and nasty I suspect lol, let us know how it goes.

yes if the client uses them and they turn out crap I would probably get the blame!
I sent them a link to your printing site so hopefully they won't go with the cheap and nasty lot! :icon_biggrin:
Hi Joanne,

If a printer was to ask for an AI or INDD file I would think it is strange as a PDF is industry standard in basic printing but asking for a PSD is just plain odd.

In this case all you can do is advise the client. Warn them against using them and advise them to use someone reputable, ie Boss Hog ;)

Make sure you explain to the client and get it in writing (an email is sufficient) that states you are not responsible if the printing is not as expected.

Other than that there is not much you can do if the client wants to use them for printing and arrange the print for themselves, very strange.

Good Luck!
If you've designed it in illustrator only print from EPS or PDF as the print will be so much crisper as it is vector not pixel base as photoshop is.

Any printer that knows what it is doing will always prefer a PDF.

Good luck!