Proposing Ideas to new Clients


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Hi guys,

I'm doing some of my first freelance re-branding work for a business, however I don't want my first effort to look unprofessional, as I do not know how to present my ideas to them. I have a meeting with their head guys in a couple weeks to present my ideas, however I dont really know how to present the concepts to them in a professional way.

Any ideas on board layouts etc (one concept per board? two?)

Thanks guys
It's time for Spraymount and 3mm foamboard I think. A3 is a good size - not too large to carry and large enough for use around a table/desk.

Breaking a presentation down into 'boards' means you control the presentation and the client can't skip to the pretty bit in the corner before he's heard what you've said about how you got there.

So, your boards might work:
• Structure of the presentation (what they're going to sit through.)
• Intro bullet points going over the brief
• Mood board
• Concept development
• The logo/finished article
• Identity applied in situation (on letterhead/van/packaging etc.)
When you've finished either arrange the boards side by side (if room) or leave the 'logo' board uppermost - this is good if you then present other concepts and can then recap at the end by referring to the logo board of each concept.

(Obviously this is the same principle as a slide show, except that the boards can be larger and you can stick extra bits on etc. should your presentation require it.)

I always suggest to the client that they live with the logo boards on their desks, propped up for a few days so that they can see how it works/how it grabs them as they see it in different lights/moods.

Hope this helps.
I was client side for years - and have seen lots of pitches (good and bad).

I can tell you that pcbranding's advice is 100% spot on. Follow it to the letter. Pcbranding has provided a great response.
Additional considerations

I am a bit lazy when it comes to presenting and rather than spending a lot of time on presentation i usually sell the idea to them, it's a slightly different approach and won't work for every body, you will need confidence.

Present yourself as a professional who has really considered thier needs and has reflected this in your suggested designs.

Point out to them how their clients will consciously persieve your designs and how it will visually convey the statue of their business or services.

The majority of clients will try to make a decision on a personal basis of what appeals to them and reflects there personal vision. Although you should have a good idea of their personal vision from first contact you don't always agree or you know that the designs are not what they are expecting, the above approach will help you to act as account handler and sell the design concept to them.