Promotional Poster [ADVICE NEEDED]


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Hey guys,

This is a new flyer for our Graphics Company, for use accross the web and possibly for print. Any comments or advice will be much appreciated :)

I think it needs a bit of spacing where you have the service list of products.

That way you will be using the space and not making it a strain to the eye. Keep it Simple.
BTW I like the design. Looks really corporate.
Way way way too many fonts. You've used a different font for every single part. What's your corporate ID? The poster should reflect it. And really, it should have an idea. A proper thought. What are you trying to put across? What do you want it to say? What's your USP? At the moment, it says "We've got loads of fonts."
Im not convinced on the design, the typography needs more consideration. Too many fonts as others have said. Its important you get this right as your advertising a graphic design company, so if the flyer lacks precision it will show that your company lacks the experience and skills. Im not saying you do , im just saying the flyer gives me that impression.

Keep at it , im sure you'll get it right.
I like the top part on the lighter skyline; the logo and the strapline work well together I feel and, combined with the colours behind it, I do think that it all looks nice like that so I would keep those.

It's below that where I'm not so sure; I think the colours are good but as said, having so many fonts doesn't work. I can sense what you're trying to do by having so many but it just doesn't work, it feels a bit messy and, on top of that, it is actually hard to read which you don't want from a poster.

Beyond that, the 'contact us for a quote' line and then the details box below don't work either for me, I still find the contact us line quite hard to read too whilst the box surrounding the details feels too empty, the details don't really stand out.
I'd look at kerning/spacing on some of the elements, particularly 'Website Banners', the characters are very cramped.

As mentioned the huge amount of fonts doesn't work (in some respects it's a design sin!).

I'm not overly keen on the clipart-style computer, phone and letter. It's very 90's :)

Also, what does 'Illustration & Print' refer to? This is confusing me.
Love the skyline

the contact information I feel does not need to have the same images repeated and flipped on the opposite side of the info. Once is enough
I'd agree with the comments above. Typography needs work, it's not clear enough.

Even the small details like the phone numbers - give them some spaces. 07827442496 is harder to note down than 07827 442 496
What is the relevancy of the Skyline? and why have you specifically chosen this colour scheme.
If appears as if you are based in the dessert somewhere!
If appears as if you are based in the dessert somewhere!

Haha, yes it does. I was going to say that.
However, I see what you're trying to do with the whole poster.

I like all the crazy fonts, BUT, I prefer that set of overlayed ones in the background? How about, for the foreground, neatening them up and tidying them, making them nice and clear, but, in the background, keep all them crazy overlayed fonts together, and kind of 'treat them as part of the artwork'.

So we have nice clean fonts sitting over a scraggly font background that you can just work out?