Promotional Flyer

As a freelance it is important to promote yourself every once in a while. I have had the opportunity to get a serious amount of flyers printed to drop round to local business.

Thing is I am not sure what to put on them. I know it sounds odd by design all day normally to a brief lends itself to the content each item needs to contain. When doing it for yourself it seems a little harder.

Do I list all the things I can produce or do I simply design a nice flyer which has contact details on it and says something along the lines of Graphic Design and Web Design

YOur comments would be appreciated.

I think you should list the main services that you provide, people are stupid, make it clear exactly what you do.

Some sort of offer or incentive is always good too.
People are lazy so wont read a flyer packed with text so just list the stuff that you do day-in-day-out and that provides the bulk of your business.

That way, if someone comes to you for something a bit special, you can charge a bit more! :icon_biggrin:
I know what you mean Peter it is tricky when promoting yourself in this way to know what to include.

But a list of services is a must as others have said, also some examples of your work that fit as much as possible with the business's you are dropping these to, difficult I know but if you can..

Also something memorable on it or a reason for people to keep it hold of it so, an offer etc...
So with all the great comments above I have come up with this. Let me know what you think good or bad.

Its quite busy. I do like the general look though.

I was unsure with the one i did recently whether to bother showing work on it, I figured that i would just use maahoosive pink text saying 'graphic design, logo, branding, web design ...' with a big '20% off' sticker graphic instead and hope people would check the site.

People generally dont bother reading lots of text. To get people interested i figured all you need is what we do, the website/phone no. and a hook.. like money off.
To be fair i havnt as yet put them on the street so to speak.. they might completely flop!

But i think the rule about having big simple text and bright colours is quite a good one to follow.. hopefully it will result in lots of work.
You have a speller on the flyer (Design in green top right of the flyer) Also I would drop the number of different fonts. The example a few posts in (the pink design) is really nice. Clear, precise and to the point. Potential clients will only give a flyer a quick scan over so use a grid to section out the various bits of info and hit them big with the company name, list of services and contact details.

Good luck with the promotion!!!
Oh god lord! it......surely not!?..... It is...... Its comic sans! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES ITS BACK TO KILL US ALL!

this_is_peter :icon_smile: Really loved flyer but....

As a business owner who spends over 1/3 of each week promoting other businesses I thought I gave my pennies worth..

Doing a flyer in a recession is one of the better low cost ways to get noticed. So well done. :icon_notworthy:

1) Focus not on what you do too much - avoid the paragraphs of text - Illustrate 2 or 3 key services and a benefit if you can. Choose only two most profitable & easiest things you do.
2) Have a call to action - like ^ said e.g. a discount for next 20 customers or something (time limited) DFS do it every day of every week it works.
3) Be Bold: Simple colours & easy to read (largish) text)
4) Lastly ask for your leaflets to be dropped separately from anyone else. When a handful of flyers arrive together they get binned together.

A Couple of Low Cost Ideas:

1) Get your printer to cut 1 corner if he can. People notice objects that are not symmetrical.
2) Tagline – ‘You Think It We’ll Print It’. (instead of listing lots areas you cover)

This last tip worked for a local business here in NI.

Good Luck.
One thing i was thinking is that now I have these lovely flyers, where should i hand them out? does anyone have experience of where would be best to target?
Local industrial estates?
Networking groups?
You need to go to where there are businesses.
Do your neighbours/family friends know what you do?
Give them some to hand out to their friends/family/neighbours/bosses. And hand out more than one in bigger companies. They might have different people looking after marketing/stationery/websites.
Footslog your way round industrial/business parks.