Promo Flyers


Hi All,

My first post!

I've done a few freelance projects so far and have just registered as a freelancer, but I'm trying to get more work.

I was thinking about producing some a6 flyers to drop into businesses, detailed the services I offer/contact details etc.

Has anyone else had any luck with this kind of promotion?
I did this sort of thing when I first started Dot Design and it was successful to a degree, I think you need to be targeted in what your offering and to what company. Also don't post them everywhere people/business don't want to walk out to find your flyers decorating the street! :icon_biggrin:
Haha no!

Was thinking about using them as large business cards. That way if they had one lying around their office/shop/salon/cafe etc it might spark something off.

build a really nice portfolio- invent briefs for yourself and develop campaigns so you're showing your potential clients that you can design a logo, create a brand and the relevant brand guidelines, apply that branding to their print (and digital if that's where you're at) and ensure it's sent to print successfully.

Once you have at least one sample campaign and a few additional job, target the 5 companies you'd really like to work for, taking into account your current level as a freelancer. Don't go for someone with ace design- they don't need you, target someone who needs a re-fresh. write them a personal letter with some examples of your work-introduce yourself, tell then what you like about them, what's not working & how you could change that for less than they imagined. Then telephone them 3 days later, ask them did they get the letter and build that relationship fro the start.

It takes a lot more time, you don't get an enormous spread of your work, BUT you do get much better results and you're building a relationship with a client from day 1.

I've done mail-shots, flyer drops and that time-intensive technique and it's the latter that works best.

That's really good advice. Will see if I can negotiate 1 day a week 'creative' time from my boss!