Project management software?


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Hey everyone

Sooo I started working for a company this week who are about as organized as a pee up in a brewery :icon_smile:

Does anyone know of any low cost (even free!) software. All I want to be able to do is assign a job number against a task, a description, due date and who is working on it and some ability to update progress.

Any suggestions appreciated - not suggestions that I should make it up in i-numbers/ excel; they don't pay me enough lol.

You could take a look at Zoho CRM - it might be too sophisticated for your needs at this company but it is free for up to 3 or 5 users.

Or you could get them to buy you a book and write it in there!
Or you could get them to buy you a book and write it in there!

Not such a bad idea. Best system I have ever used were t-cards in a metal rack. Job comes in, gets a t-card, t-card goes in the section on the rack for the appropriate day of the week with what's needed doing written on it and away you go!

Alternatively, I use a programme called Evernote, I used to just use Stickies. Every job gets a note with what's needed doing on it. I have a note with all the days of the week on... you get the picture!
Thanks for the replies. i gave in and made a functionning spreadsheet with drop downs to add designer, status etc. Do they use it? No. Do they have a job that is now SIXTEEN months late and still stringing teh client along? Yes. :icon_rolleyes: