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Hi guys

A few of you may have seen my introduction on the, well, intro section of the forum and will know my story. But for those not in the know, here's the gist: drinking, time wasted, career change, self-teaching.

Trying to involve as much of what I have taken in on my self-teaching crusade, I produced a hopefully-passable "project" for a beverage packaging design concept (I'm working through a book called the "Graphic Design Exercise Book").

I appreciate all constructive comments, no matter how cutting or scything they may be!

GOOD Tea packaging concept | Garywaiman's Behance Network Portfolio

Thanks in advance - we learn from mistakes, as the popular adage goes! :icon_notworthy:
Just to add, I do intend to take up a course in graphic design, the problem is finding a suitable course for my current situation. So don't expect to find any design-related structure to the piece - as I said, I have taken what I have picked up in my short amount of self-teaching period. Thanks again!
Think it looks lovely, particularly when the texture of the material comes through.

I like the clean style of it, has a retro feel but with a modern take; I like it.
Very good - like it... as Boss says logo works better vertically. Certainly fulfills the brief. And I like the box design!!
I didn't like the logo when I first saw it because it was horizontal, but vertically I think it works brilliantly. Loving the pulpy stock too :D
I think it looks very good, well done. My only slight niggle is when I just glance at it I read the logo as GOC rather than GOOD but that's just me :icon_biggrin:

Well done :icon_thumbup:
I think you've got a good project, and would recommend you think about continuing down that self-teaching route with your design whilst you're on your course. Get taught, and teach yourself as well. The combination gets you very far.

Nice work!
A BIG, big thank you to everyone who has looked at my project and given such kind comments - slightly overwhelming because I didn't expect such a positive response! :icon_notworthy::icon_lol:

I was pleased that the horizontal/vertical aspect of the logo was picked up on - on the shelves, the box is intended to be stacked vertically! But I wanted to try (as best as possible) to maintain the legibility of the word GOOD - but as was pointed out by spottypenguin (great name!) it does read differently at times. But I decided that it was a fair trade-off to be able to implement the steaming tea logo.

Thank you again! I am in a sticky situation in that I was planning to secure some funding from the government and bank to do the IDI course for the Graphic Design degree but the loan decision will not be returned in time unfortunately. Now I am potentially faced with missing the start date for the course and having to wait a whole year for the start of courses to come round again. A major setback, for sure, but I won't stop the self-tutoring and appreciate the useful things that I read on this forum!

Once again, many many thanks! :icon_hug:
Now I am potentially faced with missing the start date for the course and having to wait a whole year for the start of courses to come round again.

Some courses take people on in the new year too, as a lot of people drop out before Christmas because they don't like the course (and there's a threshold for quitting a course, after which you have extra fees or something to pay).

Have you spoken to anyone involved with the course about this? They may be willing to suspend payments until you get the loan or 'save' you a place in the new year (if there's one available).
Well IDI have been keen to speak to me about this, they gave me a call today but I was busy and missed the call. I will keep your comments in mind Paul and contact some unis about this. Thank you! :D
I think it looks very 'designy' but I wouldn't look at it and read the word as 'Good'

I would read it as 'Goc' and then spend time wondering what the rest of the image was.

Maybe work on making it less ambiguous?

I love the packaging, the colours, the textures..very professional, modern and chic.

I also looked at some of your other work. I think it is tremendous, very original and refreshingly so. I think you have a big career ahead of you.
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Thank you again for the kind comments. :) Career is at a bit of a stall at the moment, but hopefully something comes up soon. :)