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Does anyone know any product mockup artists? I've recently branded a personal electronics customisation company, and they've asked if I can produce some realistic products to show some of the coloured variations.

I gave it a go .. I can nail the shape of the products .. but I can't get the colour gradients, shine, shadows etc.. looking realistic enough to be used. I'd presume someone trained in the art of product illustration etc.. would be able to do this pretty easily?

My efforts are below. Any ideas?

Picture 14.jpg
You need to find a product designer - I know an excellent one - but she would charge! But googling 'product designer' might help...
No that's a competitors .. but it looks like a real photograph to me? Thats the effect my client wanted me to achieve .. but in Photoshop or whatever program product designers use to do realistic product renders in. I did the outline and it's pretty spot on, but the rest I can't do :(

Could you give me their information, Kate & Damon?
And on a totally different subject, what the heck is this snowboarding picture doing by my name?!

Picture 19.jpg
Can you not just buy a few stock images? Seems a lot of trouble to go to to just put some branding on.
I work with Cinema 4D which is capable of making those level of renders.
Most of the work is actually modelling the product, which in its self is quite a lot of time consuming work as it will need to be done with a right high attention to detail making sure to get all the subtleties correct. I'm probably not really experienced enough to do this quickly and cost effectively, but I could maybe use it as a test project for my portfolio if you are still stuck for options.
If its something which is already existing that you can purchase from somewhere like Turbosquid this will fast track this whole process dramatically: Headphones 3D Models and Textures | as you can move straight into texturing the 3D model rather than a actually constructing it. If you were interested in doing this you'd need a 3D model compatible with Cinema 4D as some are aimed at other 3D packages.

If you were to get hold of a half decent 3D model I would be able to setup the textures and add the branding for you and render it out in whatever scene you would like which would be of a similar standard (or potentially higher!) than the image in your first post. Cinema 4D is really powerful and I've already got some scenes setup aimed at showcasing products in a photo studio like environment / scene.

Give me a shout if this would be something you'd be interested in.
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