Printing your portfolio items


Hi guys! I've been looking through my print portfolio this weekend and there are a few old items i would like to get re-printed (some done at uni, not on the most suitable stock etc.) and some brand new pieces of work I will be printing fot the first time.

These items range from A6 to over A0 in size (the A0 one is the total length of one particular booklet when folded out, it's not a huge poster I'm intending to fold or anything lol!), I don't have a large format printer to hand, and I've not updated my portfolio since uni (i know, bad me, slap on the wrists, but I'm trying to put things right).

Basically I'm wondering what you do/who you go to for one off prints when doing your portfolio? We use a printer at work who i will ask about it, I kind of like the idea of sending all my work to one printer even though getting costs from various people and sending the work all over the place might work out cheaper, i just want this to be as stress free as possible. But if he comes back with some ridiculous costs it would be nice of course to have some comparison quotes. So, any info as to what you guys have done would be of great help.

Sorry for the essay! (I always seem to do that!) - if you got to the end, well done, you win a biscuit - just stop by Liverpool to collect :D
Find a local printer who you like and is willing to work with ones and twos as you describe.
Ask for a quotation for all of the items together. Try to identify a time you can work with the printer when they may be a little quieter. We do not open on Saturdays - but are often working out the back - as a favour I often allow designers run of the place with the front door locked - to lay things out, experiment, etc - particularly pre: exhibition.

Hope this helps.