Printing Rich Blacks



Quick question, I have a page sized 210x420 with an image taking up the bottom third. The top of the image is a rich black (C86 M77 Y62 K95) which I’d like to bleed into the rest of the page. Is it unrealistic to have a page this size printed in such a dark colour or should I adjust the picture to something like C30 K100?

I’d ask the printer but I’m only involved in the design of this one and have no idea who is actually printing it!


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99% of the time I have supplied rich blacks as C40, 100K. Most printers I know ask for rich black as between 30 & 50C and 100K. I think you'd be better off with something along those lines. But some of our local printers here may correct me :icon_biggrin:
Agreed with the above, we recommend C:30% and K:100% for solid black, although always worth pointing out that for sharp text just use one plate, for example K:100% only.
Ha ha, yep I wouldn’t normally go mad like this but I’ve been out of the printing loop for a while and was wondering whether it was possible these days. I know back when I used to work at a printers I would probably have got taken into the car park and punched for setting up a job like this!
(C86 M77 Y62 K95) is a lot of ink, i'd reduce that to as mentioned a rich black of Black plus 40% cyan or magenta.
Without seeing the details of the job its a difficult call, but with heavy coverage there are a few factors to be considered, including -

* Weight of stock, also is it coated/uncoated paper?
* Possibility of set-off (not be a problem If coated in-line)
* Possibility of transfer marking (depending on age/make and upkeep of press)

Speaking as a printer, I`d say C40 K100 every time; and maybe double-hit the black (the second black:- just the solid) either in-line or on a 2nd pass.

Is it possible send them 2 files, 1 with your original C86 M77 Y62 K95 + 1 with C40 K100 ? Let them decide.

Anyway good luck n let us know ! :icon_thumbup: