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Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I'm new here!:icon_smile:

I ve been commissioned to design a few high quality booklets and have all the designs done, but i'm not sure about the type of paper/gsm being used/gloss or silk - very confused about all of these things!

I'm looking for something like this (few examples):

Brochure for recreation center - Brochures - Creattica

Can anyone help me identify what I need for a high quality brouchure/booklet?
It's not really easy to tell from the pics but I would say it looks more like silk then gloss to me. A 170gsm is a bit heavier than your standard paper, covers may need to be heavier (220gsm+) and possibly matt laminated.
As penguin says difficult to tell from pics...I have noticed that a lot of brochures nowadays are on a matt paper - like a cartridge paper. Probably the best thing to do is find someone elses brochure which has a finish you really like and take it to your printer and ask them. Silk always looks superior to gloss and gloss always feels a bit flimsier than silk gsm for gsm.
170gsm would be the minimum weight in silk or gloss for high quality for the text pages. Also depends on the client's budget!
As Spotty and Kate say, adding a matt laminate to the cover will help with the quality feel. As a digital printer as my day job we hardly print on Gloss these days, Matt is the most requested paper, then uncoated recycled...