Printing on Kraftpaper?


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I've not owned a printer for years and what I'm trying to achieve is a kraftpaper type box sleeve that would be glued and my product slid into it. It's a very minimal design and I'm wondering if there is a printer that could happily print on this paper as I'm not sure about the weight of the kraftpapaer would need to be, though it would need to hold 300g in weight.
Excuse my ignorance, but what is Kraftpaper?

You tend to find that domestic ink jet printers dont have much success with anything other than bog standard paper stocks and are really not set up to print onto anything over about 200gsm.
I believe Kraft wrapping paper is only available in 70gsm and 90gsm, so you could try printing on it then duplexing it onto a thicker board. The finish to this paper is slightly glazed so not not sure how laser or inkjet would adhere to it. You could get it litho printed or you could think of having the Kraft Paper effect incorporated into your design and printing onto plain white board? Remember if you do buy Kraft paper then buy flat sheets and not on the roll.