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I'm looking for some feedback on my company logo. I'm thinking perhaps I should pivot away from the CMYK colours as it seems a little overused in print companies and to instead go for a solid pantone that I can use to build brand recognition.

I like the space theme and the rocket within the logo to help embody the brand "Aspire", but do you think people will get it straight away, or could it cause some confusion. Our slogan is "We Aspire to take Print to another level" and wanted an element of space to be used throughout to symbolise imagination and making the impossible possible?



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Brutally honest ... it looks very childish.

I say this to everyone. Step away from the computer. Put the mouse down. Pick up a pen and paper. Sketch until you're out of ideas. And then sketch some more.

Only design in black and white (not black and shades of grey and white).

Honestly I think it's awful and if I saw that I'd think it was some sort of fun factory for kids to go to draw, colour and print out their ideas.
Thanks for the feedback, the more critical the better if you ask me. The feedback I received off everyone else was too positive and didn't really help the further better the concept.

So do you think go more corporate? As this is something I wanted to avoid. What puts you off the most about the design?
Looks a lot better without the rocket but I think it's still missing a little something. What kind of medium do you print on?
Like this kind of style or just hate the rocket concept in general?

@zaksingle - Mainly business cards, leaflets, posters, stationary etc


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I'd remove the full stop

The shapes don't do anything for it. And the rocket needs to be more "professional looking" - I don't think I ever imagined myself saying that sentence.
Been reading through this thread and Hank smashed the nail on the head early on.

Although my main issue is, I detest the font. I think the capital letters of the font are ok, but lowercase letters, not so much. I first read it as Aspine Print. I even went as far as to Google 'Aspine' to find out what it was. It wasn't until I read your explanation (which I admire) that I realised it is in-fact Aspire Print.

Have you experimented with other fonts? I wouldn't get too caught up on the rocket idea, I think you can use other things to 'symbolise imagination and making the impossible possible.' Saying that, I also think you could make the rocket work by altering the shape of the rocket. Have you tried the text and the rocket in different compositions?
I don't mind the font, except it looks a bit casual, but I agree there could be some confusion from the letter r looking like an n.