Printing Filter How To?


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Hi guys im really stuck here im sending an image to be published in my local newspaper, the problem is that, the last one i sent in even though it was a large enough high res file the image when printed in the newpaper came out foul. The colours were very very dark and contrast etc was all distorted. I later found out off someone that i needed to add some kind of mask to my image or adjust it so when printed it would print so the image was built up as little tiny dots. This seems like the way everyone else is doing it hense them having a good quality print within the newspaper.

Could you give me an idea what i need to do or add within photoshop etc to get this dotted image.


From what I can gather, it sounds like a common problem in newspaper print. There's an issue called dot gain which is related to the way an image distorts, due to the laydown of ink density.

This site might have some useful info
I think you need to adjust your contrast to make the image lighter (pull the slider down) and look at your midtones in the colour balance section. Sorry I can't be of more help.