Printing a portfolio in London?


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Every printing company that I've contacted said that they only produce print at mass quantities, and I'm only interested in printing my portfolio (at a reasonable price).
Any recommendations for a printing company in central or SW London?
Why do they need to be in London? If you only really want one piece then I think it would have to be digitally done for the costs of it, but there are a number of printers you could contact online with delivery from further afield.
Digital printers will do this for you...
Or buy yourself a good desktop printer and some nice paper and do it yourself.
If the folio is loose leaf sheets then this is your best bet in my experience.
sorry, i wasn't clear enough. i already have a normal ink jet printer for A4, but what i need is an A3 laser printer in colour (it would be nice to have it but i would be hardly using it and they are expensive, so buying it is not a solution).
i saw those websites where you upload files, that's a good idea. thanks! can you recommend any of those companies?
Why not buy an A3 inkjet? My HP Photosmart 8750 outputs fantastic quality prints and you have the ability to print extra pages as and when you need them, rather than sending 2 pages to a digital printer for them to print out (which would be costly.)

I always prefer to keep control of printing my folio. If I have a meeting the next day and need to print some extra pages I can do these before I go.

Re. recommended printers - there are loads on here who I'm sure will be willing to print the odd test page for you to check their quality etc.