Printer for decent A3 / A4 graphics prints


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Hi all, I'm a paper cutting artist and I need an a3 printer to be able to print out good quality templates (mostly greyscale) in A3 format. I would also like to be able to print my own A3 and A4 prints of my work, which has either been scanned or photographed - currently I'm getting these printed at a local place but it's costly. They don't need to be giclee / fine art print quality but good enough to look decent, and to frame and sell inexpensively. I am considering a multi function as I do scan often - I doubt it will be good enough to scan my work, but if it's good enough to scan larger pieces and then reduce the size for greeting cards etc, that would be a bonus.

Any suggestions? I'm happy to invest what I need to invest, but don't want to pay more than I have to - things are slow at the moment!

Lastly, can anyone recommend the best paper to use for these kinds of prints - something quite heavyweight with a silk finish would be ideal, but open to suggestions if others have had success with other things.