print quote please


Hi all,

I'm after a quote please for 2 jobs, both are the same spec.

1000 Double sided business cards full colour, matt finish

1000 Letter heads one sided full colour.

1000 Compliment slips one sided full colour, possibly 2 sided so please quote for both.

Can you also quote all of these for printing in 2 pantone colours?


Hi Laura,

1,000 business cards printed double sided and matt laminated on 400g = £65+ vat

1,000 Letterheads - one sided - full colour = £155 + vat on 100g and £200 + vat on 120g

(The price for 2 colour letterheads is the same)

1,000 compliment slips - one sided - full colour = £107 + vat
- Double sided - full colour = £165 + vat
(again 2 colour is the same price)

We also so Stationery sets - so for £190 + vat you could have 1,000 letterheads, 1,000 compliment slips and 2 x 500 business cards (this means that if you wanted to you could have two different names of 500, or just 1,000 of one name).

All of these prices are on our website - | Matt Laminated Business Cards, Stationery sets and more

There is FREE delivery on all items as well.