PRINT OFFERS for GDF Members only

Shiiiiiiiit! Did a spell check too! Oh well that's £30 down the bog!!!

What a nightmare, fix the spelling and replace the order online selecting bank transfer as your payment method, will re-print for you F.O.C. The sun's out so in a good mood today.

On a serious note people, check, check and cheque again!!
Ohhhhh Boss you complete star! I LOVE YOUUUUU! God you can tell it's been a long time! What a fanny! Man I really appreciate this Boss, I won't forget it! I'll plug you everywhere!!! MWAHX :icon_blushing:
Hi boss,
Just wondering if there are extra charges for alternative reverse sides? My cards have a common front with four different designs on the back.

How longs this offer on for? I want to take advantage, but moving soon, and not printing cards with the wrong address on!

I might take advantage of this very generous offer!! I was only thinking the other day I need some business cards for my photography business - Although I am tempted to order some wonky, badly coloured, odd sized, card as thin as a piece of toilet roll business cards from vistaprint..... decisions ;)

Seriously though.... I best get off here and get designing!