Print Job Required - Urgently

Tony Hardy

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Hey Printers.

I'm looking for a fairly unique (I think?) print job done, in the form that they're all singular posters and prints rather than a whole run of prints.

A section of my Uni portfolio is in need of printing and I'd need it delivered no later than May the 11th.

What I'd need printing is along the lines of what's shown on my Flickr page here:

Flickr: Tony_Hardy's Photostream

That's 4-6 book covers, preferably on a paper that resembles old Penguin classic books.
As well as 4-6 cinema posters, maybe so they also look quite old and worn too, like a nice soft paper perhaps?
I'm open to advice and ideas.

Nothing will need to be any bigger than A4.

Which file format is best for you to work with?

If you could send any information or quotes to me either here or on:
[email protected]
I'll be in touch with you.

Thanks a lot
Tony Hardy
Hi Tony - do they not have a printing/repro department at your uni?! I could see this getting pretty costly with a professional printer....I remember looking into it when I was at uni and nearly having a heart attack. One of my pieces was £90 just to print out at uni, where we had massive discounts - I won't mention the professional cost :icon_eek:

You never know though, you might be pleasantly surprised (I hope so, I could do with printing some items for my portfolio myself!). Just be aware that it will need to be digitally printed to keep costs down, which may (but I'm not sure on this one) limit your choices regarding paper, and MAY affect your colour reproduction.
Hey :)
I completely forgot that there's other forms of printing my head's caught up in my work that much at the minute.
We do have a printing department but we had to pay in expense of £200+ to have unlimited use of it.
Also, I study in Leeds yet live in Newcastle so it's not a short journey to make down to be honest.

Like I said, A4 is the maximum size, so hopefully the price won't be too offensive?
I've had A1 works printed out at £15-£20 before?
To be honest, I was half tempted to print them out at home. But, I feel as though I should invest and make the extra special effort for the last submission of my Degree.

Cheers BossHog, I'll get in touch with him.
Hi Tony,

Thanks for the visitor message - email what you need with quantities / spec etc and I'll let you have a price. All sounds very straight forward on the face of it.

Best wishes