Print formats changed!


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I finished and handed over a calendar project last week which my client approved. I contacted their printer of choice who told me they needed the pages sending across as individuals, despite the fact that it was to be printed as a book style calendar.

My client has since decided that this printer is too expensive after their quote changed, and have opted for another one. This printer has contacted me today to ask if I can send the pages across as pairs. Am I obliged to make these changes? The project is pro bono for a local charity and the printing cost is being footed by a corporate partner or theirs. Thoughts?
Is the finished size the same? If so, then as long as the printer has 12x individual pages (plus cover) then they can impose them how they want surely?

If you're being asked to re-artwork them to a different size then this is more of a 'shall I do it just out of the goodness of my heart' or 'I've done it once how you wanted it and that's that'.

Is there likely to be any paid work from the original client? If you were to walk away what would happen?
Well, all of the points you have made me think hard, and in a round about way it's probably easier to just do it. I've been advised by a hardened friend not to bother but I like being nice I guess.

It probably will lead to more work and it is for charity. I'll just grit my teeth and do it. It's nice to use this forum as a sounding board though. Thanks again.
Not a lot you can do but just get on with it. I had exactly the same job recently (charity calendar) and ended up resizing it so they could get it printed cheaply. Not sure if they ever got it done though - hope not as it still had placeholder text on it!