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Print Carrier!!

I purchased brochures from Print Carrier and they were delivered with torn holes in each page where they had been stapled, the staples ripped out and then repositioned half a centimeter to the right. Print Carrier had also refolded the pages so there were ugly creases running down off-centre.

Print Carrier's customer service is absolutely shocking. I was told that the brochures were 'still perfectly usable' and that they would not be reprinted or refunded.

I would urge caution to anybody outside of Germany who intends to use Print Carrier as the court system in other EU countries makes it expensive to enforce a judgement in Germany. We have found this to our cost.
Print Carrier

Most people searching online for print go for the cheapest quote, it doesn't matter what you say to try and convince them to pay that little bit extra (sometimes just a few pounds!), in 99% of cases the cheapest price ALWAYS wins. It is only after a situation like this that they come back to you and say "I wish I had listened to you".

You might get lucky with 1 or 2 orders but believe me, if you are buying print on a regular basis then you are asking for trouble.

We offer a print reseller scheme and have applications every day from designers and print brokers, I get to hear who their current supplier is and the reasons for them looking for somebody else, 3 or 4 companies are always mentioned with Print Carrier being in the top 2.

Hopefully others will take note of your post and think twice about paying the cheapest price available. Not ensuring your printer is UK based is a BIG MISTAKE, researching your chosen printer, asking to see samples and listening to recommendations from others is VERY important, have you ever seen any positive posts about Print Carrier?

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Sorry to hear about the problems you have had, I would just put this down to experience as you are not going to get anywhere with Print Carrier. Next time ensure you choose a reputable UK based company...

Printing > UK Printers
I know, I'm an idiot.

I was really hesitant before placing the order, but it was around 30% cheaper than my local suppliers so I thought I'd take the punt.

The job has now cost me around 50% more than it would have done locally - and I've learnt my lesson!
Idiots a bit harsh on yourself, you were just after a bargain and took a punt.

Online printers are loads cheaper than you can source locally, as with everything there are good and bad companies, unfortunately on this occasion you chose a REALLY bad one, just make sure next time you don't.

If you ever need any advice in the future just pop back and ask on here, we are always happy to help :icon_smile:

As mentioned you won't go far wrong with any of these.... Printing > UK Printers
I never imagined that Print Carrier would refuse a reprint/refund when the goods they supplied me were so clearly faulty, but they hide behind their German base, confident that their order values are so low that no individual would pursue them through the courts. And they are right.

When my solicitor advised me that is was not worth pursuing them through the small claims courts and then paying to make the judgement enforecable in Germany, I advised Print Carrier that unless they corrected their error I would publish a website exposing their poor service. The UK office basically laughed at me.

So that's what I did, in January 2009. I created a site called and drew together the experiences posted by other people. I then wrote to Gunther Makowski (the owner) and advised him why I had done what I had done. Print Carrier immediately appointed a solicitor who informed me that Print Carrier were to sue me unless I removed certain content. I was also instructed to sign an agreement to pay them 5000 euros for any future indiscretion.

I fought them for a few weeks, as Print Carrier could only force me to correct minor inconsistencie and remove a slogan that they took exception to. When I had to rescind the domain name for copyright infringement I took the whole site down.

I therefore think it is hugely important that ANYONE who has suffered poor service from Print Carrier post their experiences on the forums. Only by highlighting these issues can we prevent others from being stung.

I'm happy to post the correspondence from the German solicitors, as anyone else who they try to bully should gain confidence from the fact that their final letter advised me they would sue me for 50,000 euros unless I paid their legal fees of 1,500 euros. I refused.
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I would further recommend that anyone who experiences problems with this organisation - to report them to Trading Standards.
print carrier

Hi there Guys

It's good to have these forums running to find what other companies are like, I was planing to become a reseller with print carrier but after hearing all this it really put me off, but, i will be working with print carrier rivals, they are also based in germany and i will be working close to them...

Peace Out
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Thanks for your replies. I will let you know how I get on with Printcarrier in the future. Cross my fingers it all works out for me as well as my first order. So far so good though!
Forgive my cynicism, but as a design/print business - how come you don't have a website? Not Print Carrier in disguise by any chance?
:icon_lol: No, I only joined your forum today, hence the lack of personal details. Have not yet found a spare moment to update my page but hopefully shall find time later today :icon_smile:
I have just googled Printcarrier and read lots of bad reviews. Even though I don't like to admit it for fear of being slated I have to agree with KRB, (website? would you like one? lol) and say that I haven't had any issues. I take the prices and times them by three and get the stuff shipped straight to the customer. I don't do an awful lot of printing, it's mainly design, but PC sure made my home printer gather some dust over the years!

I'm just starting out at the moment and am looking to build a site for myself. Any advice would be appreciated, feel free to contact me at [email protected].
Would be interested to know about your previous experiences using Printcarrier as their reseller package sounds pretty good to me and is something I'm looking at possibly doing in the future?


I take the prices and times them by three and get the stuff shipped straight to the customer.

Really Pete, that's seems like a massive markup there!

Sorry to hear about your problems with PrintCarrier guys , I did ask for some samples from them a year or so ago and they didn't look great, so if the actual samples they send out to potential customers didn't look good then there is something wrong.

I like to be able to discuss jobs with my printers especially if they are bespoke/special one off jobs that involve diecutting etc etc. Best to test them with a small job if unsure as well, also trust your gut if you think there might be problems then there probably will be!

It's really is worth building up a relationship with some good printers that offer good value, attention to detail and above all a great product and there are definately a couple on here that do that...I think you know the ones I'm talking about! :icon_biggrin:
If you want a challenge with Print Carrier - try and get removed from their email list.

The worst print company in the printing industry do not even honour unsubscribes.

They are a disgrace.
If you want a challenge with Print Carrier - try and get removed from their email list.

The worst print company in the printing industry do not even honour unsubscribes.

They are a disgrace.

I must disagree, the worst printing company in the universe is sense creative :icon_yucky: