Pricing query

Dave L

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I'm pitching for a job designing an A4 handbook for a national organisation to issue to sixth form tutors nationwide. The number of pages is indeterminate at present so I'm quoting based on a bit of time for developing the layout as a template and a price per page. The layout will be fairly clean and simple, to include narrative text + call out case studies/tips/etc + images.

Now, I'm thinking that I ought to set aside up to a day for the basic layout work + up to 45mins per page; at their fixed daily consultancy rate that produces a maximum per-page price of £35.

How does that sound to people in terms of the amount of time I'm allowing? I'd actually be maintaining a log of time spent so the price wouldn't necessarily go that high but it's may aim to pitch at a reasonable-sounding max price...
Hi Dave,

Personally I think you need to allow more time for the initial layout work. I would allow for approximately 2 days for the initial layouts and then an additional day for clients amends.

I think the extra time allows you to explore a few more design options and variations on page layouts – when the time comes to start flowing in the text, you'll then have enough layout options to accommodate varying amount of text and image combinations.

If, for instance the final booklet runs to 48pages, then the extra time spent on the initial layouts will help when you'll need a few different options so that the booklet retains interest and has a change of pace.