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Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum but I really need some help and advice please. I have my own sole trader design business. I design various things for various people. I also sell my own work art at markets and via me website. I have been approached by a person who owns a local, small scale brewery who would like to use three of my pictures that I have been selling as prints, on beer bottle labels and pump clips. They have asked what my terms are for the use of the images. Whilst I have a price list for designing new stuff I am not sure what to charge for the use of images that I have already designed.:icon_confused:

There is potentially more work from this prospective customer in terms of future new labels and re-design of existing (they have told me this already) so I want to find a price that will keep me in the running for this future potential work. Whilst I appreciate you guys won’t be able to give specific figures I would be interested in your thoughts on this.

Many thanks :icon_smile:
Before you agree to anything, you need to find out exactly how they will be using your work; how big is their brand, where will your work be displayed, how many people will see it, etc? If they're a huge brand, then you should obviously charge more because A. they can afford it, and B. they will gain more from you through their brand exposure than you will from them.

It might also be worth seeking specialist legal advice beforehand, just to save your own back.