Pricing for Logo Design

What do you think is a fair price for logo design?

  • £0?-£20

    Votes: 11 4.8%
  • £30-£50

    Votes: 24 10.5%
  • £50-£75

    Votes: 26 11.4%
  • £75-£150

    Votes: 37 16.2%
  • £150-£250

    Votes: 49 21.4%
  • £250-£450

    Votes: 46 20.1%
  • £450 +

    Votes: 36 15.7%

  • Total voters


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Hi all, I have not listed any price at all. The reason for not mentioning the price is, it entirely depends what you should charge. Being UI/UX designer, I believe, limiting ourselves within the budget is more like limiting our creativity.
Before getting involved into discussion, having brief from client and doing a smart R&D, quoting prices on a vague basis is not a good practice.


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a good logo can be more than 450£.
But if the customer want something in low budget I will try to do my best for him. If you have a low budget you don't expect to be very professional.


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I never like this question.

I am not a fan of just designing a logo as an adornment. A logo is almost the end point of the discussion, not the beginning.

A logo is the result of a conversation, an understanding by the designer of the client’s needs. Who they are. What they do, Who they want to appeal to. How they see themselves. It is then a designers job, through knowledge and experience to be able to visually communicate this ethos and ideals. A logo on its own is as pointless as a car tyre without a car. It is almost pointless – unless you just want something to push around all day. The logo should be part of a unified identity that does an actual job. A visual mnemonic that you can attach all the relevant emotional and semantic associations to. If it is not, clients are just pissing their money away on pretty (and sometimes, not so…) adornment, rather than visual communication that will actually work for them.

I know this all sounds hi-falutin’ (and perhaps more than a little pompous) but brand identity is not just something reserved solely for large corporates. It is just as important, if not more so, for the local butcher. They have to communicate their ethos effectively, otherwise people just go to Tesco (et al) because they can get battery-reared meat cheaper. Personally, I get more pleasure and satisfaction working for smaller companies or organisations that I do with larger corporates, when working on branding projects.

To that end to price a logo without knowing the scale and extent of the job required is pretty difficult. For example, I use the same approach whether it is for a local shop, or a multi-national. Find out what they want to say and then help them say it to the right people. Simples. (See what I did there!). This means the cost for a brand identity project can be anything from £400 upwards to, well, if you are lucky enough (and experienced enough) to get a bite at the larger clients, it could run into years of work and thousands of pounds.

Hope this helps.


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I put £150-£250 as I imagine that is a 'reasonable' cost. Anyway saying that, we offer two logo configuration bundles for £49 and £79 :icon_wink: basically to get customers ready. The bundles are a deal and extremely well known however we truly do work for the cash! Numerous customers wouldn't have had a logo expertly structured in the event that they needed to pay more. This has implied that in the event that they have proceeded to require further structure work, we have a decent logo/brand to work with. It works for our market :icon_smile:


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The last logo I invoiced for was £700. The next one I invoice will be for a little bit less because it's for a charity. Anything less than £100 is doing all of us a disservice and cheapening the industry.
Want to ask this how many revision to do actually do for every client you had, is there any charges in every revision you make?


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The price of the logo is totally depending on which type of logo design you are choosing means, If you truly want a professional, custom logo design crafted by someone who understands the ins and outs of effective logos, you should expect the price tag to be somewhere in the range of: £50 - £100


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Someone who is truly professional and understands what is involved in brand identity will not charge – nor should not be charging – £50-£100 for a logo. I am afraid that pricing just exposes a lack of understanding of what is involved and is definitely not giving the client what they need and what will work for them. As I said earlier logos are not about adornment.

Paul Murray

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£50 – £100? I think you're missing at least a zero off there. I'm currently working on some branding, time spent so far is about 3 weeks, and that includes two 4 hour+ meetings where I sat down face-to-face with the client and their team and we worked out precisely what the product I'm branding actual is and who it's aimed at. Turns out what they thought they wanted the branding to be was completely wrong for what the product will eventually be. Now I'm able to sit down and accurately produce their branding. THAT is what you should be charging for, not for slapping together some type and some shapes and calling it a done job.
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LOL I wouldn't even bother if someone wanted me to do a logo for £50-100, that wouldn't even cover the 'people time' of dealing with the client.... let alone everything else that goes with a logo (ie the rest of the brand)

In all honesty £50-100 isn't really enough just to turn a sketch into a digital image, or more accurately it shouldn't be at least in the UK...

Now if you're a country like India, have found the internet to trade on and have a cost of cost of living for a year which is less than a week in the UK then it might be seen as 'acceptable' but sadly those of us in the UK have bills to pay, including the cost of the software we're using to do said work.


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a good logo design takes time, but not everybody need a long process. But for me, I can make logo design in many different prices. Depends on the time.


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I can make logo design in many different prices. Depends on the time.
Of course you can. I’ve done this for long enough now that I could make something that looks attractive in about 10 minutes. However, that is never going to be something that will do the job for the client. That is about design for pretty. It is more creative art than it is visual communication.


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I can do a logo in five minutes and I have charged £1000 for things like this. When it comes to logo design it may take 5 mins but it is also 20 years' experience.

With logo design it is not how long it takes.


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Indeed. The time is often taken finding out what the client needs to say. The execution is not always time-consuming.

jason lusive

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I sell ready logos for 300 euros and create a new one for 380 euro. There are not a specific price for logos. Some take 5 dollars, other can 1000 dollars. But 200-300 dollars I think its a fair price.