Pricing a national job - help please.


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One of my longstanding clients is a very large agency who have just won a contract to serve a medical business and I have been handle the design side the job while the agency focus on the PR.

I need help with quoting from those of you who have more experience in this area as I have never worked a job of this scale before, my gut feeling is that it will take a long time to complete, perhaps 2 months. I generally work at £320 per day but the agency have asked for a flat fee so they know what they are dealing with.

The work requires the repositioning of the business to compete with the market leader, it's a national campaign requiring:

Concept work for the campaign
Art Direction for photography
Design of press ads x 4 - full, half and quarter page variations
Promotional Brochures for public use
Posters to be displayed in their offices
Animated Web Banners
HTML Mailer template

I was thinking of going in at £6,000 on this job. Does this sound too low, too high or about right?
It all comes down to you, your overheads and how much profit you need to maintain your lifestyle. To me, £6k doesn't sound unreasonable (if anything, slightly low), as once you've covered your business expenses etc.. and the tax man's had his cut, you'll probably be left with little over half the original figure. If you decide to settle on £6k, I would be tempted to quote it as a weekly rate based on an estimated 8 week project length (ie; £750p/w). That way, they know how long you think the work will take and can budget for it BUT if the client starts farting about changing their mind at the 11th hour, you're in a position to extend the project due to the client's demands.
Thank you, that's really helpful advice. I have a feeling the client will mess around on this one and the weekly rate makes sense so I will keep this in mind when putting the quote together.