Pricing a large project


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I've seen a client tonight who's asked me to work on branding an event they're hosting and dealing with all associated web and print collateral. Besides the website and brand there will be an unknown quantity of vinyl banners, media advertising, posters, event guides, tickets, merchandise etc etc etc..

This is a long standing client who's usually happy to pay per job but I'm wondering if it'd be better (for me & my cash flow) to quote an all inclusive price? If so how the hell do I do that with so many anomalies!?!
Need to give a ball park figure for

Digitally printed material (small format)
Digitally (large format)
Litho - small format
Litho - large format !!!Not worth it!!!

Web items -

It won't work out exactly

but add on 150% markup on every project and promise a discount (based on the initial estimates)

Now - you need to increase your initial estimates for each project by 125%

At the end of the day

You cover your costs per job
Overall reduce your clients costs

Finally - give yourself a profit and your client a discount

If any of that isn't clear then sorry.