Preparing a file with metallic inks, embossing and spot colours.


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Hi all,

I'm currently trying unsuccessfully to design a file for a packaging programme called esko visualizer (which looks amazing, I just can't prepare my files in the right manor)

I can get the file in the programme fine and turn the packaging net into a 3d box however when I try to apply different effects to different areas I apply that affect to the entire artwork. I'm obviously not preparing my files right.

I'm working in layers and importing the pdf's with layers however the programme is reading a flat image.

When you prepare things with spot colours etc is there more to it than just layers?? I thought you just selected what you wanted turned it black leaving the surrounding background blank and left it on it's own layer.

I'm using, photoshop, illustrator and indesign. final export is with photoshop. I'm very inexperienced with preparing for print, which is effectively what this is.

Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated! my future career could depend on making these mock ups look fantastic!!


I have an example PDf which has been prepared correctly that i could email to anyone who is feeling particularly helpful! I really really need the help.

Thanks again!
If you are trying to export spot colours and special plates via Photoshop then you are making hard work for yourself. It can be done using a variety of Alpha Channel and the like.

As for the effects. Try masking or using the marque tool to select the area you require.

A look on PSD Tuts may help you further.
I'd put all the full colour images in inDesign separately and then add the other spot colour parts as elements from Adobe Illustrator.

The text parts you can obviously just set in inDesign :)

Alpha channels are a headache for a newbie to printing, especially with the over printing issues that can happen