PowerPoint video embedding (not linking)

PowerPoint ninjas,

I need help. I'm doing a fairly important presentation on Thursday and I need to embed a video into a slide in my ppt presentation. The presentation is to be emailed to them ahead. I'm not sure if anyone on here has much experience with ppt, but thought I'd give it a stab.

I'm beyond thick when it comes to video, but I think that I need to convert the file away from a .mpg for it to embed (as opposed to merely linking), but everything I read seems to give me different answers as to what the file needs to be. It would be ideal to be in a format which would work on both 2010 and 2007, as I don't know what they are running and my boss refuses to ask them. Does anyone know what I need to convert this file to in order to embed it, and ideally make it a bit smaller (currently 69MB for 1:17 of video)? Second to that, does anyone know where I could get it converted?

My apologies for this if it is a dumb question, but I am really struggling to find any meaningful advice online.


No idea about how to use powerpoint (I'd be inclined to use director) but if you're using a mac you could use Handbrake or Visual Hub to compress and convert the film.
Thanks Dave, unfortunately on a PC and without admin rights, so all file conversion is through Zamzar :crazy:

I have had someone off-site do it for me and it works fine; they did exactly what I did, so I've no idea what's going on here. Another thing I'll never understand.

Cheers anyway.


PS. PowerPoint Ninjas are only deadly to Keynote Samurai