Power of Making Help!


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Hello to all my creative friends.
I am doing a project called Power of Making and as a graphic designer, I obviously need to produce something based in graphic design. I'm thinking of creating posters about political events, globally. But as you can read the title of the project, I need to MAKE something - handmade perhaps. Besides book-making and posters, any good samaritan to suggest what I can make? Would be of great help.
Thanks in advance. :)
Perhaps some kind of packaging, or a desktop accessory such as a phone holder or coaster. Something dual purpose that will 'advertise' your cause but also be of use to the audience? There is also the possibility of hand drawing all your posters, I know I did one such project in uni where I made a point of not using the computer and handmade all my posters - even thought about handmaking the paper, although never actually did haha!