Posters help?


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Hey! I'm new :)

My college has given me some work experience to create posters for an event coming up and I've never done this It's all new. I'm not sure what programme would be best? And where to find the right fonts and how to design it, any help please?:icon_confused:
The Adobe Creative Suite would be your best choice, if you can afford it! It comprises Illustrator (for vector graphics like logos and line illustrations etc). Photoshop for images and Indesign for DTP (desk top publishing) assembling all your graphic elements and pics and text etc. and exporting to a print-ready PDF which you can then supply to your printer. A good way to get your hands on it is to subscribe to the Creative Cloud which gives you access to the latest versions of all their software.
As you have no idea as to what software to use I am presuming you are not studying design. Understanding how to use design software as well as learning how to design for print is not a 1 or 2 day crash course, and unfortunately not somehting we can teach you on here, so if you have something coming up soon I would advise the college to pay a designer (which there are many of on here).