Poster Spy Website - Feedback Wanted

Jack Woodhams

New Member
Hi Guys,

My name's Jack I'm a designer from England.

I run a YouTube channel called JSWoodhams where I teach graphic design and showcase my artwork. Recently I branched off and created 'poster spy' a site that shares inspirational designs and artwork. It's a site designed primarily to inspire and entertain both designers and people who simply enjoy looking at posters.

The brand is on Facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, google+ and of course the site itself.

Here's the website:
Alternative Posters and Design Inspiration |

We have many features on the website including:

- User Gallery; a place where designers can upload their own art to inspire others. You can comment, vote and share these.
- Store; a store dedicated to posters, PSD's and more
- News; regular articles based around posters
- Competitions; regular competitions

But what can I do to improve it, the site is run by just me. So I can't do anything to crazy. I just want to know, from a designers point of view what you guys like or don't like about the site. What you'd like to see added or changed.

Any feedback would be brilliant!


Its a really nice website, it's extremely easy to navigate and its clear and well set out. The colours used are really nice. Great website!