Poster on Political Action


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Hi guys, I am currently in my first year of my graphic design degree and I have just been set a new project which i am struggling to start:

We have to produce an A2 poster to promote some sort of political action (non commercial and socially activist position)..
Can anyone think of a good political action for me to research/base my project on? I'm really struggling to narrow it down!

Thank you
What about the issues with student loans and education? University is free in Scotland afterall. Why not in England?
Or what about a massive and bloody popular revolution, featuring the storming of buildings, summary executions, etc?
I would suggest picking something you feel passionate about yourself, otherwise you could lose interest in the project or lack enthusiasm for it halfway through (speaking from experience!). Is there anything that particularly gets your back up - human rights, taxes, NHS reforms, student debt, GM foods, weapons, war, government corruption, security, etc.

Personally I would probably pick something around the police state we are living in, the governments constant tries to control and observe us and the corruption of the media.
I just saw something on the news about people in Britain having to rely on food hand-outs because they can't afford to buy it.

There was also a documentary on Channel 4 a while back about child poverty in Britain which really moved me.
Wow Paul, Victore's amazing, wish I had that imagination! Thanks for that link! I have to say (don't want to sound harsh here) but as someone who is majorly pissed off with the state of the country of late I'm surprised you can't come up with something yourself...hello? The country's on the brink of revolution. Well it bloody should be!!! Grr! Apathy! Annoys the crap out of me! Sorry I don't mean to get on my soapbox!