Poster Competition Call For Entries


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The filmmakers behind the short film Invisible Bullets have teamed up with local businesses across the North West to have fans design the film poster.

Thanks to the generosity of Stroon, Pleased Sheep Films and Homebase there are some fantastic prizes to be won. 1 Grand Prize Winner will win a professional A1 print of their poster design, signed by the cast and crew of Invisible Bullets, a special edition DVD of the North West feature film Diary of a Bad Lad and props from the set of Invisible Bullets. 1 Runner-Up will also win a Garden Gnome, an exact replica of the one which appears in the film!

To stand a chance of winning all you have to do is follow the instructions on the Invisible Bullets website, which can be viewed here, and to email your final design to [email protected] no later than midnight on Sunday, 29 August 2010.

Good luck!
Hi, is this competition open to anyone, from anywhere, any age? Would be fun to participate :)

Hi James,

I'm sure I can make the trip down to Birmingham with the prizes should you win!


The photoshop file can be downloaded from here but if you're unable to download the photoshop document for any reason simply drop me an email and I will send it to you!

Thanks for your interest in the competition!


ANy chance of the prize being cash in stead? don't like to sound greedy but i would feel much beneficial with it due to my financial difficulties i am experiencing in life.

P.S when is the deadline?