Portrait/photoshop suggestions?

Hi people, just a quick question to pick all these creative minds on here!

Im getting more and more cut out work on portraits, some have nightmare backgrounds and some alot of hair. Now, I regard myself as very good at this sort of work, using all sorts, like certain brushes, masking etc but its quite time consuming although I enjoy it.

My question: Is there any software, photoshop extension etc out there that someone can recommend that will help? I need to cut my timings down, should of done this ages ago to be honest, any suggestions much appreciated.

Quick mask is probably the way to go - there is a tutorial (somewhere) that tells how to do hair.....
Thanks Kate, I use that now and again but wanted to see if there was any software that would shortcut a few things, thanks for the reply.

Dave, point taken mate, I wasn't being funny, I was just being impatient as Ive been stressed out with all these bloomin portraits! Im coming to the end of it now anyway but still on the lookout. Nothing really stands out when searching on the web, so maybe I'll keep doing what I do.
Sometimes using Channels to do cut outs works well provided the background has enough contrast etc to the main subject. Drop me a PM if you want a hand