Portfolio website...poor coding??


Hi guys,

I've just finished my portfolio site, the thing is i know little about coding. I'm quite happy with the design, i'm just a little concerned on the coding side. Does anyone have any tips on how the coding on the site should read?

Matthew Bryce | Graphic Designer

Thanks so much!

Hi Matt

The coding generally looks fine to me. Two points really;

  1. Empty h1 tag: Best to put some text in this and possibly hide using -9999px text indent. H1 should not be empty for SEO reasons
  2. Not much HTML text

I have never seen unordered lists and list items used in that way but I actually can't see an issue with doing it as it is technically just a big menu on your page so, semantically, it feels OK.
Hi Matt,

Generally the coding is looking good apart from not validating etc. However that being said, these seem to be very minor problems.

<h1> tag empty as mentioned above and also there seems to be a lot of cases where it looks like you may be trying to add an ID to the anchor tag? As I see a lot of anchors with image#1 (number is different throughout the code though).

Any particular reason you did this?
Do you want people to be able to find your website? Need to look at putting some words on there or you won't be found!